Scientists measure how quickly Cool Dude loses three potential brides...

.Now take it to the next level with Time Traveller... 


  1. ummahmad, saudi arabia5:32 AM

    Subhan Allah, so true. Its important to take time to define what we value most and focus!
    Jazzak allahu khairan.

  2. Anonymous5:51 AM

    LOL, he'd lose them as soon as they board the flight.

    Lack of Focus, Indecisiveness as well!

  3. Amber5:55 AM

    He will lose all of them as he thinks only about himself. With a mind-set like this, he will hardly attain anything good or for long life. The future wives will not match his expectations, neither will he match theirs

  4. Anonymous6:08 AM

    This cartoon is very "bad," in a very good and hilarious sort of way. Possibly my favorite one so far.

    I appreciate the lesson behind the cartoon, too! I hope to learn more about the concept, as I hate leaving projects I'm interested in behind, but I know other things (and all the projects I'm interested) suffer as a result...

    - Anonymous Sister, US




  6. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Nuha, UK

    OK things i got out of this scenario:

    1- Good Intentions arn't enough to get results: often we want to do so many good things and we embark on them all at once, with little success

    2- Fail to prepare? then prepare to fail! this is usually said for exams, but lack of planning REALLY hits hard. If cool dude thought about it from the start he would have realised that pursuing all three is not a SMART decision: Specific Measurable ATTAINABLE (lol no matter how cool he is, he's not superman) Relavent and Time bound

    3- prioritize: cool dude should pursue the one with the nearest flight lol

    4-Organization: tasks should be grouped according to many factors so that they can be done efficiently, perhaps cool dude should pursue the two that are travelling in (approx) the same direction etc

    5- MULTITASKING is over-rated!! sub7an allah i thought multitasking was the way to becoming president lol but its not as efficient as we think. you concentrate on one task get that done quickly and to a high standard and move on to the next task. you get more done, done better :)

    To Sh Muhammed jazak allah 1000 khyr! plz let us know what happens 2 cool dude, will he wise up or doom himself to bachelorship?

  7. Fatima6:31 AM

    Fatima - United Kingdom

    Assalamu alaykum ya Shaykh,

    This is your best one yet mashaAllah! I especially like the peace sign on the confused Cool Dude while he's scratching his head. Multiple focus at its best!

    JazakAllahu khayran for sharing. I mentioned it's your best one yet UNTIL tomorrow inshaAllah


  8. Confused by the Male Species7:01 AM

    I think I have just experienced a cool dude - cool to have many close female friends and cool to be 'independent'. He came across as serious and committed to marriage. When I told my parents about him, he grew cold feet and absconded, despite professing love for me a mere 2 weeks earlier.

  9. Umm Ameen7:12 AM

    From: Umm Ameen, London, UK.

    I don't think this post is silly, I'm sure this type of scenario happens often in our communities. Yes our religion is perfect, nobody is disputing the 3 wives aspect. But how can he be sure he will be able to look after 3 women when he hasn't even started looking after 1!!

    This multi-tasking is common especially in the dawah field where there are never enough bodies to do the work that needs doing. It's so important that we focus and give each responsibility 100%, rather than dividing our 100% between all our tasks.

  10. Anonymous7:28 AM

    He must determine his own direction first... then choose the one that is going the same direction as him :)

  11. Ridhwaana London (UK)

    I think Cool Dude is living in a fantasy world...he will soon find that he wont be able to handle 3 women even if he wanted to!

  12. Anonymous7:42 AM

    What this cartoon depicts is a truly sad and sorry state of this world, half the mess is usually caused by our own indecisiveness

  13. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Nuha UK,

    lol i didnt think this picture was ACTUALLY about marriage, its just an idea to get the concept of 'lack of focus' across, i don't think it was meant to convey a concept of marrying 3 women at one time and if thats allowed in Islam etc...

    What do you guys think?

  14. Anonymous9:17 AM

    dude i dont get it .... can u explain it pls...
    i get u need to focus but how do you focus :) jzk

  15. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I think cool dude was confused becasue he was tested in so many ways in his life so his automatic reation was "may be this is a test also". Who knows!!!! right. Once he get this idea clear in his mind that it is not a test but a reality then he would focus definatley on the one he really loves, the one which is going in the same direction as his. After he established "what" the next question is "How". Well see what Sheikh Muhammed has say.....

  16. Nur, USA

    I agree with Umm Ameen! Baby steps; you must take on one project (ie one of potential wives) in order to see if you have the capacity to take on another (or 2 others)!

  17. Anonymous10:35 AM


    Me and cool dude are exactly in the same situation.

    He can't focus all at once; me neither, I've many goals in mind but often I get distracted and very little progress I make.

    I'm so concern to achieve everything in my mind that I want to get everything done at once.

  18. By; Abu Amir
    Asalamu alaykum

    'I would love to marry 3 , and im really focused.
    but as it turns out i'll never be in cool dudes position !

  19. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I think these should be published in the Sunday papers

  20. Seems Cool Dude is so cool, I'll have to alter upcoming Time management cartoons to become the "adventures of Cool Dude" and his pursuit to get married.

  21. Woah!
    Cool Dude is mad cool.
    Is it possible that he might even be cooler than Cool boy?

  22. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I think he already know "what" and now he is working on "how". He would appreciate if he get some help.

  23. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Shaykh your cartoon is soooOoOoOo deep to start with that not even a fraction is 'silly' and I love it!! sooooo sweet.... :)

  24. Muslimah- United States

    This cartoon reminds me of myself. A lack of preparation and focus does lead to an inevitable downfall and missed oportunity.

  25. Cool Dude in the cartoon... reminds me of my own self!! =S
    I start projects with a lot of zeal only to see them rolled up and put away in a corner because I lose interest/don't want to spend time on it/don't "find" time (i.e. problems with organizing time) to work on it.

  26. Anonymous12:47 PM


    Lesson learned Aim High,Do your best and Stay foccused.

    Subahanallah.Jazakallahu khairaa .

  27. Aim high and if you don't reach your goals, you learn from failure but one must persevere for it eventually yields results. Think about this for a minute, if Thomas Edison or the Wright brother would of gave up after their initial failure, would they have created the light bulb, the first air plane or even electricity. It's through failure that you learn and grow to become successful in your quest for ultimate results.

  28. Cool dude loses all three because he does not have a cool goal. Why does he need to see all three ?

  29. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I loved the cool dude cartoon...because I can relate so well with his situation;NOT that I'm trying to marry three people ofcourse,:)...but that I"m trying to get so much done, thinking of so many things I REALLY want to do that I am unable to get anything done!
    I guess, what cool dude and I need to do is prioritize, and get a proper plan and scheduele in place.
    Jazakullah Khair Brother Alshareef for this great series, it's really making me think and putting things in perspective.
    Looking forward to the next one.
    P.S: I LOVED the muslima stick figure!!! :)

  30. I always hear people tell me to focus on what is important. But no one ever tells me HOW and WHAT? One person says khushu in salah, another says manners, another says school and career, another says blah blah.

  31. Asak ..i am from oman ,nice lesson .....yes to move forward in life focus is essential.

  32. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Bint Hasan - US

    Looking at this cartoon, I was reminded of a piece of advice I got from someone a while back about marriage:know who you are and know what you want. Seems like Cool Dude, doesn't know what he wants, and that may be bc he doesn't know who he is. And we can totally relate this concept to other aspects of our lives as well.

  33. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Umm Amin, USA
    Masha'Allah I hope to watch it and then share it with several of my closest friends insha'Allah. May Allah give us the knowledge and make us benefit from it.

  34. I am henceforth referring to Cool Dude as Rude Dude.

    Rude Dude needs to buckle down and figure out which direction HE wants to go in, without any reference to the potential marriage partners.

    When he learns what he wants, and what his vision for his life is, then he'll easily be able to narrow down who he wants to marry, amongst other major decisions in his life.

    Then maybe he'll revert back to being "Cool Dude."

  35. @ursweety
    So people are telling you 'what to do' (motivation) but not 'how to do it' (knowledge).

    Both are important. If someone just comes and says "here's how you install a widget", you wouldn't even care to listen.

    But if the day before your local Imam told you the importance of installing a widget ... then next day you find out how to do it, you'll have the motivation AND the knowledge.

  36. Husnara (London, UK)

    focus and fully engage in the activity that we want to persue. If we try and do all the different things we are interested in at the same time, we will lose!

  37. I love it man, "cool dude's" won't last very long chasing all three.

    Better strategy is to focus: 1 by 1 and you can eventually have all 3 :) (inshaAllah)

  38. Ayesha3:40 PM

    Its in the mind of cool dude that he is cool because he can get attention by three girls at the same time and he wants to marry all three of them when their father think that he is not very cool. He is most likely going to end up with nothing in the end. Its clear that cool dude's is not focus and doesn't have one clear goal and without that how is he going to accomplish anything.
    In respect to time management, Its my personal opinion that when he is wasting that much time chasing around three girls to marry then, there are only 24 hrs in a day and I believe thats not the only thing he is doing in his life. So, the question is who thinks he is cool? he himself or those three girls?

  39. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I love this analogy, it is so creative and really gets to you because u start thinking of your own life and how it applies 100%, and cool dude reminds me of many muslims these days in which they begin with a goal to become better muslims and keep up with prayers etc but eventually they lose their focus and waste time on other non-islamic things

  40. Samir Vohra4:08 PM

    Abu Abdurahman Samir Vohra (London,UK-QShams)

    Shaykh Muhammad, is it possibly to achieve different goals in the same time period or is it better to achieve one goal at a time but at the highest level?
    I try doing many things, with a view to achieve high but find that I get exhausted half way through. My brain tends to crash if its overloaded.

    PS: The pics are wicked!

  41. Burhan Uddin , Swansea , Wales4:45 PM

    As Salaamu 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu. Jazakallahu 'Khayran Shaykh.

    But how do we actually focus on something? It's easy to get distracted, get ideas in your head when your trying to work on something.

  42. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Alsalam alikom, I'm Dina from Egypt but now living in Canada.
    I'd like to say may Allah bless you and guide you. I like your stick figures very much. Usually, people play different roles in their life; daughter, mom, employee, student, wife, etc.. Therefore, they have many objectives and many tasks to do in various directions. However, I think if the ultimate target of each of these objections is El-Jannah, there wouldn't be any contradiction. They wouldn't bseem as different targets each one going to a different way. They would be like different targets but all are going towards the same direction.

    Let me tell you about a figure I am hanging in my room. I have a top circle represents El-Jannah, then I am drawing several circles that are connected together in a way or another. However, any circle must lead to El-Jannah at the end. These circles represent whatever I am doing or what to do in my life.
    As an example, I have a circle of "good husband الزوج الصالح" which leads to "good children" which leads to Jannah. However, the good husband leads to the Jannah itself.
    On the arrow between good children and Jannah, I wrote "A good child that prays to him وولد صالح يدعو له". On the arrow between the good husband and El-Jannah, I wrote "Obeying husband".
    I have also a circle "good health". There are two circles that lead to this one "Playing Sports" and "Healthy food". The "good health" circle is connected to "good children", "good husband", "Acquire knowledge"," Worshiping Allah", etc....
    I think if everyone draws such a diagram and looks at it for 5 minutes in the morning, he/she would have even motivation to continue whatever they want to do in their day.

  43. Jannath, London5:16 PM

    I've tried to do this so many times. (I don't mean trying to be a cool dude by marrying three people =| ) What i mean is, I find three REALLY interesting things to do, three REALLY beneficial things to do or three that combine the two. Tempting! I never know which one to go for so i try to do all three... miserably fail and then miss out on all three opportunities... then never have the courage to try it again. =S

  44. Subhan Allah. I could not stop myself to say Subhan Allah when I saw (and read)this cartoon. It brought tears in my eyes. What brought tears was the last sentece:
    ""How much YOU loosing because of lack of Focus"
    Notice, YOU is in CAPS. May Allah forgive me, I really need to focus as I am loosing a lot, a lot, a lot just because I am not focusing and not I dont want to achieve it. Br Al Shareef, thanks for this beautiful reminder.
    Its not about Cool dude and three girls. Its about me (and may be about many of us)

  45. I like the choice of analogy here. A man with three wives obviously has a lot of time sharing and management to do! I wonder though how Rasulullah with all his duties and responsibilities carried it out? He had 12 wives at one time all at once and not one of his wives ever complained about him. In fact, it was quite the opposite. He had a secret none of us have, i guess

  46. Muslima From Hong Kong

    hey cool dudde, you are not as cool as you u think you are.

    Don't take the burden of extra resonsibitles when you can't fulfill the older onces, first.

    BTW drawing is really cool. Alhumdulliah, as for me it really gave me break from so much happenings in my mind.
    I don't think it is stupid, because no one is born genius, we all need to learn gradually.
    And Bro. Muhammad Alshreef, is just trying to benfit us with the ideas coming to him.

  47. I'm from Toronto and I like the real message behind this analogy. Cool dude's situation shows that by going through life aimlessly and with no clarity of thought we will not achieve our major goals in life. We should have reason and purpose behind our actions that are clear to us as well as to others. Good analogy as marriage is a unviersal theme regardless of your views and beliefs about marriage. Cool dude should get a life not just a wife.

  48. I'm from Pakistan. I guess in some ways I'm a cool dude, too. (not marriage yet, though) I need to learn to focus. But focus on what and how much?

    Personally, I think marriage is easy. There are only two options: either you marry or you don't marry. You get the girl or you don't. Many decisions in life are much harder. As a student, I have both my secular education to pursue(my CS degree) and my Islamic education. And also my dawah efforts, my ibadah and many other things. Which one of these should I focus on? I can't leave any of them: I have many people to take care of, Allah to please, I worry too much about my peers and relatives and I need knowledge to grow spiritually. Yeah, I can leave some of them but still so many others I can't. People's expectations(parents included) and my own. Even if I find a balance between them, what should it be? 25-25-25-25 or 45-5-50-0? How should I prioritize?

  49. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Samira from Germany
    First question that crossed my mind on seeing the cartoon:
    What is wrong with them bruvs nowadays, why would he want all three of them in the first place?
    Anyway, I wonder whether it's just a lack of focus or whether cool dude needs to learn a lesson in prioritising? I mean, really, those girls move in different and opposing directions. Why not opt for and focus on the best? Life's not Starbucks, you can't have your Espresso Doppio and Vanilla Latte and Tazo Chai Tea Latte...

  50. Anonymous9:26 AM

    "zabardast" conversation starter and clever I learnt so much just out of comments of bros and sisters, most of us can relate to it.

  51. Anonymous11:29 AM

    This is how I see it:
    Multiple focus-
    Task A, B, C. Now I know if I do all 3 at once I'm going to end up knackering myself out and be in a ton of confusion without any organization. I need to allot times for A, B, and C. One step at a time.

  52. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Anonymous US

    Very relevant .. many people fall into this trap and lack focus.

  53. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I love "zabardast" (conversations).

  54. Shayan Pakistan7:15 AM

    Assalam o Alaiykum
    Yaaa!! Priorities should be focused first.. and a lover of the 3 is a lover of none

  55. Ah. I remember when I was ending a semester in my grad program telling a professor, "Next year I'll focus on focusing." He thought it was hilarious. The pursuit of acquiring focus indeed can lead to... the further branching of focus and so one becomes the local lost and found, increasingly dense on both accounts.

    I for one would love to have and finally be focused.

    Help? =)


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