An Archer advises brothers and sisters, in cartoon!

Now take it to the next level with Time Traveller...


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Nuha, UK

    lol mashalla VERY nice! subhan ALLAH notice how the archer always aims higher than his actual target because the arrow will curve down abit

    Aim for 200% and you'll definitely surpass 100%, always a winner!!

    jazak ALLAHU khyr!

  2. I'm loving the facial expressions :)


    - Nahyan

  3. When I was in grade 6, I read that quote, "If you aim for nothing, you hit it with remarkable success." And it made a lot of sense.

    What does this "Aim High" lesson teach YOU about yourself or those around you? Pls share ...

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Aisha - US
    Masha Allah - I like the quote at the top ot the drawing. Think I might need to put that on a post-it and place it over my computer.. I remember as a kid my folks would always say to me, "Learn from the Past, Plan for your Future, but Live only for Today"...think it might have been something from the Bible.. but, have always liked that saying..

  5. When I was young, I remember that smiley with the tongue sticking out. It was used to remind kids not to ingest poison.

    Do you guys remember that?

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    nadia, Scotland, MashAllah very simple but good reminder...yeah it makes sense...im like panicking, i got alot to do at the moment, so the time management tips have come at a good time...i defo need to start aiming higher. i'm going to write it down on a posty and put up on my wall!!! jazakAllah.the fajir one was good too. Fajir here in Glasgow finishes around 8:30am, and class starts at 9am, so not much sleep time unless do fajir at the earliest time which would be around 6am. wouldn't be worthwhile going to sleep then...may as well stay up, but nonetheless good concept..

  7. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Balal, Maryland

    haha yes i remember him! that is Mr. Yuck, http://bit.ly/55SMLx

    One thing about shooting arrows is that you have to take into account different things, such as the angle the wind is blowing, the speed of the wind, the distance of the target. mashAllah this is a deep example.

  8. Cool Boy, USA

    These cartoons are interesting because If you just look at it, you might not get the full picture. You have to think a bit to completely understand it. Like how Anonymous said... (from Nuha,UK), I didn't even realize that until she said that. It's very obvious but you don't get it until you really think about it.

  9. Sabina, USA
    I think for us moms with young the arrow needs to have a few weights hanging off it too :) We have to aim for 500% to get at 100%.

  10. Anonymous1:51 PM

    peace usa

    Mashaallah ..Great drawing.Untill we push oourselves to the highest limit we don`t know what we can achieve..Review your intention.Work hard..Allahtaala never disappoint anyone.


  11. Assalamu Alaikum!

    poeT91- NY,USA

    MashaAllah, something so simple but that teaches so much. Seems like there's a lot to learn from an Archer :) I love it, and all the quotes are definitely getting added to my poster of quotes! And I agree with "Nuha, Uk" This reminds me of the saying "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." Just as we should aim high in all the wordly things we should also aim high when asking for Jannah. Ask for Jannatul Firdhus and if you don't make that then inshaAllah you'll still get a position in Jannah. (just something to put out there) jazakAllah for posting. Can't wait for the next one!

  12. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Salam. I like the cartoon. It's very true. Unfortunately when you have lazy days it's hard to be productive and aim high :/
    I'm looking forward to a Muslimah stick figure!

  13. Miriam, USA

    "Your life is nothing more than what you do today."

    SubhanAllah, so true in so many ways. In one, for example, we don't have tomorrow promised to us, or even the rest of the day. So we have to make the most out of the time called "now." Second, if you mess up today, you will probably mess up tomorrow i.e. if you spent today "killing time" in the hopes that you will be refreshed and ready to work tomorrow, you messed up because you'll probably spend tomorrow killing even more time.

    JazakAllah khayr br Alshareef

  14. Arif Kabir
    United States of Amreeka

    I remember Ammar ibn Yasser (one of your former students:) telling me this quote a few years ago. One must always remember, though, that if they shoot too high and if it goes up, then it'll come sailing right back down lol (just kidding).

    JazaakAllahu Khayran for the reminder.

  15. Ridhwaana, London (UK)

    The strange thing is that when I saw the animation I completely related to it. There are several points in my life where I have achieved less than what I expected because I didnt have the right aim in the first place and vice versa that when I aimed to do my best I got positive results. But there are just days where you just dont feel like it and dont have the motivation...that is what sucks....the initial get up and go factor - once you got that the world is your oyster...

  16. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Assalamu Alaykum,I totally LOVE this simple yet powerful picture and I actually saw myself as the archer who is in total control (with the help of Allah,of course)of where he wants to land.
    it reminds me of one of my favourite quotes:You cannot BECOME succesful,You can only BE succesful.
    JazakAllahu khair once again ya Shaykh,May Allah reward you and your family with the highest of Jannah..ameen

  17. Sara of Toronto, Canada.

    The picture speaks truth. Often people care too much about what other people think, so much so that it takes over each and every aspect of their life. Some people care so much that it even hinders their productive performance, ("people will think I'm trying to be an overachiever, etc"). Conversely those who use the same aspect to force themselves into achieving the best are often doing it for the wrong reasons (fame, showing off, etc).

    I know we're encouraged to consider our outwardly appearance with relation to external judgments, but I think there's definitely a fine balance to be achieved which is VERY easy to lose sight of.

  18. Miriam Ahmed, Australia6:16 PM

    Awesome cartoon! so inspiring i just made that "if u aim for nothing" comment my fb status :D :D :D insahllah i'll try and make the most out of everyday!

  19. -Aarif, U.S.
    Subhanallah. this is really great mashaAllah.

  20. Aarif-
    I need to set high goals each day iA otherwise, nothing productive will be done.

  21. Heba of Calgary, Canada

    JazakAllahkhair. Liked the "archer" message a lot. Also it's not just aiming for higher goal to reach your target (I think); you also have to consider "how properly you do it." As for an archer, the stance, posture, angle of the arms, his/her power of focus, the discipline, the positive thinking that you'll hit your target, the belief that Allah will help you achieve that target and make it possible for you.

  22. Anonymous1:57 AM

    (Ibrahim, Canada) Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem

    As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    It's easy to say "Aim everyday to do your best, you'll be the world leader." The question however is - how can we motivate or influence ourselves to be the best? If we're not motivated, we fail. To be motivated always, you need to have good companions at all times; because everyone is not equipped with high iman, taqwa all the time.

    There're people who're alone, without families but they don't tell others that they're alone because others might think they're just acting.

    There're people who try to be humble so much so that they don't tell their problems to others, when they're in a new place, city or country.

    There're people who have just a handle of good companions, and these companions are busy most of the time.

    There're people whose pastlife comes back to haunt again and again, even though they've repented a lot and asked Allah for forgiveness and continue doing so.

    How does one kickstart and increase the gear, when a number of people have so many problems going through their lives; and less or no companions to help them?

    Can everybody make duwas for such people?

    Jazakallahu khair.

  23. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Hinna UK
    its fanatastic, MashAllah!!!!

  24. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Mahrin Pakistan
    Asalaam Alaikum,

    Just watch how they have pictured Sahuddin Ayyubi hitting an arrow...so perfect....


    Leaders like him aimed high goals...that's why they achieved the impossible

  25. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Somaira UK

    Yes it can be hard to maintan that momentum of positivity. How do we kickstart ourselves?

    I guess for me I use my salat.

    If I have that buzz in my salat then it helps for the few hours until the next salat.

    Keeping company with others who aim high does help, listening to and reading motivational literature helps, reciting and reflecting on quraan everyday CERTAINLY helps...

    You have to find what works best for you...

    Time really is precious but the beauty in Islam is that you get rewarded A LOT for just trying to get to your goal..unlike in this life..you may aim for a pass in your exam but if you fail there is nothing to show for the efforts you put in. Your teacher isn't going to give you a grade A because you put in more hours , whereas in al- aakhirah ..by you having the correct niyyah and trying your best you get rewarded..

    Alhamdulillahi Rabb-il aalameen!!

    My dad always told me to aim high and you wont land far..he also used to say to keep making duaa even after I had just done an exam because Allah might soften the examiners' hearts when they mark my paper....

    I thank Allah for such good parents.

    And yes duaa, duaa ,duaa...for all our ummah to be the best they can be. ameen

  26. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Nadia from Scotland:MashAllah ditto to brother Ibrahim from Canada, ur comments were excellent and i totally agree with ur view points.very good points and so true.Just want to say that, regardless if ones imaan level or taqwa is down, and they have nobody; no good company nor family around...with the mercy and compassion of Allah awj, He is all Aware and All Seeing...if we are to call unto Allah with Ikhlaas, 'pure' sincerity for His help and guidance, then by Allah He will respond to the call of the believer.Allah will open doors for u..and give u strength, will power & the motivation to achieve anything in life. This is the miracles of Allah swt. All you have to do is ask...Ask Allah, He loves when His servants call unto Him. It's real simple...just ask

  27. Anonymous2:46 PM

    uk :)

    thanks for the email brother.... it was me who wrote that dodgey comment sayin "dude i dnt get it..." ... i got sooo excited i showed my mum and she told me off "NEVER CALL A SHEIKH DUDE TAIBA..." sorry :( but its cool lookin forward to the webinar inshallah!

  28. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I think the whole lesson behind this cartoon is that your intentions and aims might be high, but other external factors in your life might get in the way. This can include the hassle of working and living in a country where muslims make up the minority. For example, having to miss Jummah salaat on Friday because you work 9-5 and are not given a break for that long. So although your aim might be moderately high, your chances of succeeding are quite low if you simply accept this level and do not try for a higher position. If you do aim higher, at least you will be able to achieve more in this life (and of course the next life, which is our final destination). Some simple ways to go about doing this is to speak up and take initiative. Set up goals and a schedule to help you reach those goals.

  29. From Pakistan.
    one of the brother explained the importance of good companion to motivate one to aim high...its true a good companion really is a big factor for you to aim high...but remember Allah can be a constant and perfect companion for a muslim really....He is with you all the time and when you stand up for salah He is responding to every dua you make either it be to guide me to the right path or to help me...His response is all encompassing...He responds to your such duas by saying I give what my slave is asking for SUBHAN Allah....
    Allah is the most merciful..just dont lose Hope and you will see the wonders inshaa'Allah,
    every morning think that i will be in the constant struggle to achieve my ultimate goal to do something of value that will be a source of increasing my good deeds even if i die...do good and keep on trying ..Islam is all about intentions and struggle....
    jazakaAllah khair brother Sheikh for sharing this cartoon but please help us out how to be consistent? please brother

  30. Anonymous4:36 AM

    as salamu alaikum? im muhammad isaac new embracing islam as my religion.. from phillipines.. i want study more about islam..

  31. Anonymous4:41 AM

    im muhammad isaac.. i want study more about islam but i have no budget to do that.. her' my contact number..ZERO,NINE,THREE,NINE,ONE,EIGHT,TWO,SIX,FIVE,NINE,SIX

  32. Anonymous4:18 PM


    In today's time the mere fact of muslims divided are in great number. As a muslim of almost 2 years, I felt like I have been pulled in 50 directions thats also due in part to having to study Islam on my own. I am the only muslim in my area and a great distance to the nearest masjid and yet they really dont practice Islam. In regards to aiming for the right thing, just trying to survive as a muslim is my aim as of yet.


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