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Time Traveller - The Entire Seminar in Online Video
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Time Traveller
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  1. Muhammad from Guernsey.

    Assalam o alaikum Sheikh Muhammad,

    This is awesome, I loved Bring_it and I am just loving this.

    Jazak Allah khair...

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Lou, USA

    MashaAllah, even cats love it!
    All those who are taking the course should leave their reviews! It will encourage us all.

    JazakAllah kehir.

  3. Alsalam Alaikum,

    This is Ali from Madinah again. We purchased this a few days ago and though I haven't listed to it yet, my wife has and subsuquently shared many interesting points with me.

    I hope you can take a minute to add the link for it on because it would be a valuable addition in sha Allah.

    Jazakallah khair.


  4. That's a cute cat, ma sha Allah.
    I never owned a cat, but in Madinah there was a cat that used to hang around our apartment outside.

    It looked just like that cat.


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