How we spend our time...

[Source: Daily Mirror, UK]
TIME is our most precious resource, but few of us really know where it all goes. 

Average British man, who lives to the age of 76, and a woman, with a life expectancy of 81 

Women - six months: Of the decades that men and women spend in bed, only six months is having marital relations, according to bed makers Silentnight. Figures for lovemaking in other places have yet to be compiled... 

Men - six months: Men spend exactly the same amount of time as women having sex - for obvious reasons. 

Women - one year: All those hours working up a sweat in the gym or at PE in school takes up a full 12 months of a woman's life. 

Men - two years: Playing football, rugby and pool clocks up two years of a man's existence. 

Women - two years: Nationally, women spend an average of 22 minutes a day shopping. That's 651 days in the average lifetime, says Visa and the Future Foundation market research think tank. And surprise, surprise - it's much more than the men. 

Men - one year: The survey doesn't say how much of men's time in stores - an average of 370 days - is spent being dragged around by women. 

Women - two years: Working women take an average 90 minutes to get ready. That's made up of 10 minutes showering, 30 minutes applying make-up, 24 minutes doing their hair and 26 minutes deciding what to wear and getting dressed. The research was by 

Men - six months: A quick shower, shave and slick of hair gel takes 11 minutes: five minutes in the shower, two minutes shaving, one minute on their hair and three minutes getting dressed. That rises to 32 minutes when a bloke prepares for a night out or a date. 

Women - two and a half years: Dusting, vacuuming and washing the dishes seriously eats into a woman's time. She spends 12 days a year, or five and a half hours a week, in the domestic doldrums, according to broadband supplier Bulldog. 

Men - 18 months: Shocked that men spend so much less time doing household chores than women? No, neither were we. 

Women - three years: Hard-working women spend 19 days every year slaving over a hot stove, says oven firm Stoves. 

Men - one and a half years: Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay aside, most British men prefer the ping of a microwave to spending hours delicately preparing dinner. They are in the kitchen for around 514 days throughout their lives. 

Women - three years: Commuting, ferrying the children around and driving on family holidays adds up to 20 hours a week behind the wheel. 

Men - three years: Men clock up just as much time behind the wheel, says Lloyds TSB Insurance. 

Women - 13 years: According to a poll of 30,000 people by NOP World, women spend 18 hours a week glued to the box. 

OK, so Desperate Housewives and Corrie are addictive - but just think how else you could spend all that time. 

Men - 10 years: The average bloke spends less time watching soaps and more time watching sport. But women have hold of the remote control more often. 

Women - four years: Standing in line at the lottery kiosk, bus stop, supermarket or post office seems like a major waste of time - and is. The average adult spends 68 minutes a day standing in a queue. 

Men - four years: A larger chunk of men's queuing time is spent standing in line at the bar - as much as 11 months for the average bloke. 

Women - four and a half years: Time spent sitting down at the table to eat is fast diminishing as many busy women eat on the go. 

Men - four years: Long lunches and scoffing snacks eats up a long time in a man's life. 

Women - four and a half years: The amount of time spent surfing the net is increasing steadily each year, and now women spend an average of 11 hours a week online. 

Men - six years: Checking up on sport and emailing mates seems to be a big hobby for men. They have even grown fond of online shopping. Well, it saves time in stores, doesn't it? 

Women - five and a half years: Over a lifetime we will make or receive 283,126 calls - 155,928 work-related and 127,198 domestic phone chats. 

Men - four years: It may come as no surprise that women spend 18 months longer than men nattering on the phone. 

Women - eight and a half years: Working between the ages of 16 and 60, and taking time off to raise children and at weekends and holidays, clocks up a whole lot of hard labour for women. 

Men - 10 and a half years: Slaving away at work from the age of 16 to 65 notches up more than a decade of the average busy man's life. 

Women - 27 years: Eight hours' sleep a night may sound luxurious. But according to a survey by bed makers Silentnight that's how long most women spend dozing when the endless hours spent sleeping as a child and the amount of shut-eye you take through adulthood is averaged. Five years of this time is spent dreaming. 

Men - 25 and a half years: Women may not believe that men spend less time in the pit, but in reality it has more to do with their shorter life expectancy than with laziness. 

Women - six months: It's a quick in and out of the lav for ladies. Few spend any time reading magazines in the bathroom. 

Men - three years: Spending an amazing 40 minutes a day on the loo certainly clocks up over a lifetime, chaps. 

[Source: Daily Mirror, UK]

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  1. From: Mrs. Ali(canada)
    Thanks you Brother shareef to share with us such a valuable information, I missed the yesterday webinar (accidently disconnected from internet), but today i heard the recording, that really necessary to have a recording. I try to implement all those tips may Allah(SWT) bless me too with my time.

  2. Aisha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    The webminar last night was great MashaAllah. I hope i implement those things & inshaAllah if I do, I have planed to treat myself with the timetraveller... 100 USD equals to 375 riyals, now thats a lot brother Muhammad!!

    This post: 1)very useful information, gets the brain to ponder & reflect 2)shows us how important it is to carry something with us so that whenever we are waiting in line we can read/memorize etc.. or do azkar. 3)how much of our information is exposed!! scary!

    salaam & jazakaallahu khairan

  3. khadija4:47 AM

    Khadija (pakistan)

    This is pretty awesome :)

    I was wondering...what happens when the weekend comes around, should we still stay up after fajr (what if there's not much to be done on the weekend, no work, no school etc.)I can't think of productive things to do other than Quran memorization and I can do that for maybe an hour max

  4. Aisha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    @ Khadija

    Assalaamualaikum! -- i wonder if you will cum back to see if any1 has replied but here are sumthing you can do:

    make a weekend morning timetable baed on the following
    - make breakfast for the family: you will learn to coo, you can ask for favours later on in the day (you get to choose the resturant / picnic spot if any plans are made!!) and best of all you get double reward: a) sadqa of your time b) sadqa on family
    - download n listen to a lecture and take notes (serious notes!) so you can actually buy a fancy copy/register and make really awesome, neat, hightlighted/colourful notes (also accurate) -- n den maybe you can pass it around your friends in the weekdays! (dawah/preaching opportunity)
    - read a few pages from a good book or article / follow the news... books can be religious, informative, self help, biography or a 'good' book which helps improve ur vocab...if you dont follow the news regularly, you can catch up on the weekend
    - if you still have time left, take up a new talent/hobby. you can learn a lot of things from the vedios on youtube....go for it!
    -exercise! for sum reason we think if we dont do it daily, its not worth doing it! but nahh.. even once a week is exercise...dont go for a longggg run or sumthing cause that requires regularity.. but a few streches and a walk should be good!
    -clean up! Dont let thing pile till the end of the month/year/decade/time you have to shift your house~!! do a drawer every weekend :)
    -n other den memorization of Quran, you can also memorize a dua a week and repeat it all week long :)

    Hope this helps. May Allah give us all the taufeeq to act upon what we know! Ameen

  5. Khadija2:26 AM

    khadija (pakistan)

    jazakAllah khayr sister Aisha...that helps a lot! Besides making breakfast for the family (coz no one gets up early here lol!) I can pretty much do everything else =)thanks soo much

    may Allah grant you the best in this dunya and the akhirah ameen


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