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>>Webinar entitled...
"Journey's End: Preparing for Resurrection"
~ How to ensure every day brings you closer to Allah's Paradise

 >> Conducted by Muhammad Alshareef

 >> Available Right now

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With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
- Muhammad Alshareef


  1. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Bismillah .

    I am a Muslimah from America .

    Here are some of my notes for the two webinars “Journey’s End ”, conducted by Ustadh Muhammad Alshareef . Bi ithnillah , this will wet our thirst and push us towards the next level ( purchasing “Time Traveller” ).

    *Living as a Time Traveller*

    The Prophet Muhammad (S) was once with Abdullah ibn Umar who was a younge man at that time . He said to him with his hands on his shoulders ,“ Be in this life as a stranger or as a traveler ” . Ibn Umar later on explained this to his students , “ If you find yourself in the morning don’t expect the night to come , and if you find yourself in the night don’t expect the morning to come . Take advantage of your health before you fall sick and take advantage of your life before you die , i.e. seize the moment .”

    Allah Ta’aala says , “ By the time.Verily! Man is in loss, Except those who believe (in Islâmic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'rûf) which Allâh has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar) which Allâh has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allâh's Cause during preaching His religion of Islâmic Monotheism or Jihâd, etc.).”

    Imagine that you have your hands out just like you are making dua . And you have an ice cube in your hands . That ice that you have in your hand is representative of your life .

    You need to take advantage of it . If you do nothing , then by the way that Allah Ta’aala has set up our lives , you are at loss because the ice is going to melt one way or the other .What we are doing here in our lives is not a destination . We are just passing by just like people have passed by before us .

    A wise man once said that strange is he who has the material world walking away from him and the here after walking towards him . How can he busy himself with what is leaving him and turn his back with what is coming towards him .

  2. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Continued :

    *The biggest excuse*

    If some one makes an excuse of not having enough time , the analogy of that person is some one who is standing at a trian stop waiting for a train . This train will take them to wonderful places where they will get to see things they have never seen before , hear things they have never heard before and will get to experience life . Everday the train keeps on moving forward and the person stays there with the escuse of “ I just don’t have time ” . They continue on with the same boring life because they haven’t seized the moment and have’nt gotten on the train .

  3. Anonymous3:02 AM


    *Leader leaving a legacy*

    The Prophet Muhammad (S) said ,“ Every one of you is a shepherd ”. If you want to lead amazing Dawah projects , leave a huge legacy and truly be a leader for the Muslim Ummah , then you can’t be runing after the small stuff in your life and not being able to handle them . You can’t acieve amazing things if you haven’t mastered your time . Your time needs to be the most precious thing to you . Perfection never happens by accident . You need a system that will help you take care of all the different slices of your life . You can’t keep on doing this same old same old stuff in your life and then expect that you will accidentaly have an amazing life when you didn’t even plant that seed .

    In the life of Ustadh Muhammad , as I’m sure all of us are aware that he has his Ibadah, his family , his Discoveru life business, AlMaghrib, etc . Yet still he gets bored sometimes and does not feel at all busy . Despite all the things that are on his plate , he found a way to take care of it in a smart way and pancake all the things on his plate , masha Allah tabarak Allah .

  4. Anonymous3:18 AM


    *Now how do we pancake so many things ?*

    These are some of the glimpses of some of the techniques that Ustadh Muhammad personally uses in his own life . First you have to take these three steps which are :

     You have to get all the junk out of your mind first on to your journel.

     In addition to deleting all the distraction from your life , you have to manage what you already have . You have to find a way to manage your life now .

     Then you paint your vision of what you want life to look like . That way you will be incharge of what’s taking place day by day in your life insha Allah .

    This is the process in which you can flatten out everthing on your palte so that you can acieve many great things insha Allah Ta’aala :

    1. You want to aim higher every single day . For example , if you keep lifting the same weight again and again , you’ll never achieve any thing . You have to sistamatically keep changing the weight in order to build your muscles . If you want to achieve some thing great , you first have to make the intention for it . Imagine waking up in the morning and intending some thing greater than what you intended the day before it .

    2. You’ve got to get unneccesary things off of your mind immedietly . One of the things that you can do is keep a note pad with you and when ever a thought comes to your mind , instead of thinkig about it 25 times you write it down . You want to clear your mind from the small things so that you can use your valuble brain for the the big stuff . We should deeply comprehend on what we are building on our brains . We’ve got to injest into your brains the best of information .

    3. You want to write it down in places where you will come across it once again . Let’s suppose you have to take a certain book with you to school . You should put it in front of the door so that you will remember to take it with you . That way your mind forgets about the book and has space to focus on the more important stuff .

  5. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Continued :

    4. Pray Fajr in the Masjid . The Prophet (S) made dua to Allah Ta’aala , “ Oh Allah bless my Ummah in their mornings ”. Walking to the Masjid will definately oxiginate your blood .So after Fajr , happily begin your day with the most important tasks .

    5. You want to oxiginate your blood . When your blood is oxiginated , you start to become more alert and energized . You can read Qur’an , go out side and take deep breaths , walk around your house , etc .

    6. Pre choose your next break and when it will be . Let’s suppose you are studying . What you should is write down your next break in your journel . This way your mind forgets about that and you become absorbed in your work . You should religiously follow that and when the time of break comes along , you simply give yourself a break and have fun .

    7. You need to delete ditractions in your life . The use of t.v. and internet must be minimized especially when one is with family members . If you make the decision to use the the television and internet in specific places only , it will become your slave rather than it becoming you master . Whether you watch t.v. or don’t watch it , it makes no differnece what so ever . No body comes at the end of their life and says , “ Man , I wish I watched more t.v in my life .”

    8. Never multitask . Instead you want to focus on whats at hand . Do one thing at a time and focus completely at that particular task . Our life is too short for us to multitask . When it comes to being social, one should give people meeting time and not indulge in many conversations with people who just want to waste your time .

    9. Start day on the right foot . In Islam we are taught to start with Bismillah . When you start your day , start it with the important things so that your day can go alright . The foot you started with will continue on through out the whole day . By doing that you will get fullfillment and the desire to move forward to achieve more great things .

    10. Get a Muslim mentor . When we were children , our parents were the ones holding us accountable for what we did . Now that we are older , the best thing for us would be to get a Muslim Life coach . A Muslim coach will be there to see if you got your tasks done or not . So when you get that accountability , you will be able to get so many things done in such a short period of time . The nice things about Discoveru life coaches is that they are Muslim , trained by Ustadh Muhammad and of the same gender , Alhamdulilah.

  6. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Continued :

    *So what does this all start with?*

    It all starts with a niyyah and your sincere dua to Allah . There are certain aspects of a human’s life that have to absolutely be mastered . They can’t be just good at it . They have to master it . You can not be a world leader if you don’t know how to master your time .

    In the Qur’an Allah Ta’aala says ,“ The human being will have nothing except that which they strived for .”

    If you did not make a niyyah to achieve excellence , then guess what ? You’re never going to arrive there. It’s simple as that . If you want an out standing life , it will never happen by accident .You can not expect to wake up and accidently stumble upon an amazing outstanding life . You must know that the help of Allah is only a sincere dua away . So do your best and make dua to Allah . At the end what truly counts is how hard you worked to win the pleasure of Allah Ta’aala .

    We humans are creatures of habit . If we consistently do something , it naturally becomes our habit . For example , if you’ve been sleeping after Fajr for the past five years and then one day you decide to do work after Fajr , you are going to face challenges in trying to keep yourself awake at that time . So what a person has to do is break that bad habit by consistently practicing the good habit , insha Allah Ta’aala .

  7. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Continued :

    *The top five tips on managing your time*

    Not many people like to actually set a time for themselves so that their time could be managed , be they students in a university , or mothers busy with their children . If a syestem works or does’nt work , you need to keep adjusting it till you find the syestem that works for you .

    Here are the top 5 tips for managing you time :

    1) You must clean out you brain before doing any thing . How often do you need to do that ? If it’s every week it’s worth it , especially if you are a beginner in this . You must be consistent in cleaning your brain from all small things and replace them with only , and I mean only the things that will bring you closer to Allah's pleasure.

    2) You must focus on what’s important in your life and delete all the fluff in your life . Get rid of the good stuff and aim for the outstanding stuff .

    3) Master the art of delegation . Allah Ta'aala created us with strengths and with weaknesses .The eco syestem of life is that if big things in life happened , they are done with team work .

    4) Know where you are going . To reach some where , you must know what the destination is and what can you do to reach there .

    5) Pefection does not come by accident . You should make a niyyah and go forward with all your effort towards achieving your goals after you have sincerely made dua to Allah Ta’aala .

  8. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Continued :

    *Why we procrasinate*

    It may be that you don’t have exciting goals but rather very dull and boring ones . You should get goals that are so excitig that they make you jump out of your bed after Fajr in order to work on achieveing them . You need to get out standing things going on in your life .

    One must keep in mind the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (S) in which he said that the two feet of the servent will not seize from standing on the day of judgement until he is asked about four things :

     Their life and how they spent it .

     Their youth and how they exhausted it .

     Their knowledge and what they did with it .

     Their wealth and how they earned it and how they spent it .

    The actual reasons behind our procrastinations are :

    a. You don’t really know you want with life . Some people don’t spend time on figuring out what they want . Instead they prefer going with the flow and live their life like the majority of the people live . In other words they just don’t want to work hard . You can get to your goal in a much easier way if you know exactly what you want to achieve .

    b. We don’t know what we are actually dealing with . The action that we should take is : do something about it . For example , some one may feel saddend one day and think that music will be able to calm their sadness down . Whereas the real root problem is that they don’t have a connection with their Creator and that's why they feel down . So their problem never will get solved like that .

    c. We might not know how to get there . Once people figure out their root problem , they don’t know a way to get out of the situation they are in into a better situation . They probably don’t have good company and the tools to get to their goals . So in this case , it’s best to get a Muslim mentor who will tell you the way to get there because they have achieved what you are looking to acieve. They will show you the ways you can successfully achieve your goals .

  9. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Continued :

    *But don’t we need some down time?*

    If a car is always driving at the highest velocity it will burn out and it’ll crash . After we work during the day , we then sleep at night . So when the time for a break comes , you may have 110% of downtime fun which is healthy and incrediably fun . Not just some cheap “ check your e-mail ” type of fun . During your break , plan out something that you truly enjoy doing .So that way your mind will forget totally about the stuff on your plate and will be able to refreash after it’s hard work . But note that this distraction is their so that our minds will have a rest and then will be able to have extra streangth for the work again .

    Just like the interesting question that people always ask about sleeping before Qiyaam ul layl . And we know that even our sleep is Ibadah because it builds up the energy for us to do best for the here after after we had a rest .

  10. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Continued :

    *Ready to bring it up a notch ?*

    So this webinar coincided with the seminar that Ustadh Muhammad conducted which was called “Live your dreams” . But it was later on renamed “Time Traveller” . This is recorded and it’s yours to own . You can keep going back to it again and again as much as your heart desires . This will enable you to get useless things off of your mind . You will discover the things you never even knew were occupying your mind . Ustadh Muhammad will give you a system of how you to put things into order quickly and efficiently . And so you will have a syestem for yourself so that you won’t become overwhelmed when different events come at you . You will be given the ability to define your time . This also consists of many beneficial visual excercises in which you will stand up to visualize your future and experience feelings that you never experienced before .

    You are going to have to change your life by planning something different , firstly by planting a new seed in your life . You cannot change your life academically . You need to go and dump your brains and then put them into a proper syestem . Mastering your time is not the end , it’s only the beginning . The process of personal development has many steps . But you need to take this first step bi ithnillah .

    It is very important for us to step out of our comfort zones and then experience feeling slightly uncomfortable . Just because the rocking horse is moving doesn’t mean that it’s getting any where . Similarly we all have 24 hours in a day but some people achieve many great things in those hours and some just let it pass like any other day . Ustadh Muhammad said that if you are feeling slightly uncomfortable , then take it from me that you are on the right track . So if that describes you right now as you are gazing at the Time Traveller picture , then what are you waiting for ? Say Bismillah and bring it up a notch by ordering “ Time Traveller” Cd set.

    We must humble our selves in front of Allah Ta’aala and stop trying to make every thing our effort . We must make a good niyah and make our dua to Allah . Then place our trust in Allah for nothing will happend at all … except if Allah wills it .

    May Allah grant our Ustadh with great joy and comfort in this life and in the next . Amin Ya Samad .

    Let us all remember him in and his family in our duas , insha Allah Ta’aala .

    Wallau Ta'aala Alam .

  11. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Nayeemuddin, Riyadh.

    Great work. May Allah protect Sh. Al-Shareef. It was an excellent piece of work done on time management. In an era where they are 'gurus' to manipulate people and extract money "Just check those gurus, millionnaires!!, we find a true human trying to tread the footsteps of the greatest human "Muhammad, saws" teaching people to stand up...

    True success lies in elevating people and getting the pleasure of Allah, swt.

    May Allah guide us on to the straight path, Aameen..


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