Exclusive Live Q+A for Time Traveller Owners

In sha Allah, tomorrow I'm doing a LIVE Q+A, exclusive bonus for those who own Time Traveller,

If you were procrastinating getting your copy, this is the best time so that you can get in on the exclusive bonus Q+A. I plan to, in sha Allah, answer everyone's questions on the webinar, as long as it takes.

Get your copy now, and get in on the exclusive bonus:


  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    This product....Would it be okay for a husband/wife/sister to watch together? Or would each one have to buy their own seperate log in?

  2. Yes, you can definitely watch it with family in your household. You can treat Time Traveller as you would a DVD set. Its there for your private home use.

  3. Does the DVD work on Malaysian DVD player? I believe the video in Malaysia is PAL. Thanks.

  4. Time Traveller is actually digitally delivered. Meaning that you get access to an exclusive login website to watch the videos there.
    And of course, you'll have access to them for a LIFETIME insh'a Allah.

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